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Our Objective

Promote digital adoption

Enable overall schooling excellence by assisting schools and its various stakeholders to deploy quality digital infrastructure including products, solutions and processes.

Teacher upskilling

Impact a holistic pedagogy including digital skills to teachers in academic and co-academic areas. Through an inclusive approach addressing a range of progressive learning styles.

Enhance learning-teaching outcomes

Undertake collaborative research and discussions pertaining to value-based education and 21st century skills, that help improve teaching and learning outcomes. 

Engage with govt. policy makers

Share constructive views with local government, state and central governments bodies related to   education polices, roadmap and large scale implementation and boost the deployment of the National Education Policy effectively.


Enable access to credible expertise available for the school community,  including teachers, students and parents  on aspects related to  overall  social growth and development, dealing with post trauma stress and other sensitive elements which can have a bearing on the mental health.  

Enable knowledge sharing

Share knowledge and perspectives related to sustainable  and vibrant growth of the industry and support  industry players  in their  attempt to promote transformational and high quality products and services.

Need of A.S.E.P In Today’s World

“The aim of education is  not only boost cognitive development amongst students but also build character and create holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped to deal with  21st-century challenges.”


Improving the quality of education across all levels from primary to university level has a direct bearing on the development index for the country. Today, there is an established ecosystem of private enterprises which supports and empowers schools in India in terms of products and services, be it learning devices (hardware), software, books, labs and services. All these essentials have an integral part in powering the teaching- learning process in classrooms being in line with the respective education boards’ mandate.

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“The Govt. of India has been undertaking various steps in this direction. The Samagra Shiksha, an integral scheme for School Education as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme is being implemented and aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education at all levels of school education.”


NEP 2020 envisions a substantial increase in public investment in education by both the Central Government and all State Governments. The NEP seeks to address the challenges faced by the educational system in terms of quality, affordability, inclusivity, accessibility, and equitability. Private Public Partnership has a key role to play in the overall effective deployment of the revised education policies. 

The pandemic deeply impacted the overall schooling system which is now estimated to pivot towards a learner centric model with critical pieces related to faculty development, pedagogy, infrastructure undergoing various degrees of transformation. Emerging key thrust areas including learning management system adoption, peer learning, hybrid model for learning teaching delivery, internet connection, online assessments, and availability of digital devices require collective response from ed tech players in terms of defining acceptable standards and quality.

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Aspects in school education such as   affordable and high-quality education models, curated content, personalization and gamification in learning design, process to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, digital polarization, required degree of parental collaboration across pre-primary, primary, secondary and emergence personalized parent-teacher discussions require deeper thought and proper response through collaborative efforts leveraging collective wisdom of practical perspectives.

“The need of an association is to provide common platform for educational providers who have a shared vision, discuss and contribute towards resolving some of the challenges mentioned is  a dire requirement through collaborative efforts.”

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